Culture Mapping Folder


The results from the backbone identification algorithm from the SLM community results using sci2. This extraction was conducted on the dhq_sterling_master file.

slm communities v2.xlsx

The results from the SLM community detection algorithm from the extracted co-author network using sci2. This was conducted on the dhq_sterline_master file.

wos-department mapping.csv

The manual mapping of Web of Science Subject Area keywords, scraped from the web, to department affiliation of authors.

DHQ Provided Data Folder


This table includes a row for each DHQ article. This was generated from the xml files provided by the client, and supplemented with those scraped from the web.


This folder contains the XML data for each article in DHQ. This is the data from which the tab-delimited dhq_articles.tsv (above) was derived. The XML also contains the full-text of the article.


This table includes a row for each work that is cited by DHQ articles. Each table has the following columns:

  • article id [Biblio ID in works_cited_in_dhq.tsv; DHQ ID in dhq_articles.tsv]
  • author
  • year
  • title
  • journal/conference/collection [title of journal, conference, or monograph in which the work appears]
  • abstract [only populated in dhq_articles.tsv]
  • reference IDs [IDs of all the works cited by an individual DHQ article; only relevant and populated in dhq_articles.tsv]
  • isDHQ [Boolean: 1/true means it’s a DHQ article; 0/false means it is not; populated in both tables but redundant in dhq_articles.tsv, since these are all DHQ articles]


This is XML data from which the tab-delimited works_cited_in_dhq.tsv (above) was derived.


This folder contains the xml style transformations to generate the dhq_articles and works_cited_in_dhq tab separated variables.

  • articles-to-cni.xsl

    An XSLT stylesheet that creates a tab-delimited record from a single article source file. The individual records are then concatenated to create, for example, dhq_articles.tsv.

  • biblio-to-cni.xsl

    An XSLT stylesheet that creates tab-delimited records (e.g., works_cited_in_dhq.tsv) from the works_cited_in_dhq.xml source file.

Master Files Folder


This file was produced which added Country, Affiliation, CiteMeAs, TimesCited, Cited References, and Count Cited References fields.


This is the master file for all visualizations. Using the updated_dhq_articles file it adds disciplinary affiliation, wos_subject_area, latitude, longitude, geocoded country, DHQ_keywords and slm_backbone_commmunity detection.


This is the author look up table which provides each author and co-author of each paper separately. It includes nearly all the same information as does the sterling_master. It’s utility is to classify authors by geospatial, affiliation or disciplinary lines.